Amesbury Series 400 5/8" Channel Block & Tackle Balance

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  • The 400 Series is a standard block and tackle window balance for sideload/non-tilt applications
  • 5/8" channel depth
  • These balances are ordered based on the length and stamp.
  • To measure the balance, measure the metal channel only. The stamp is located on the balance and is either pressed into the metal or printed on it. If the balance is not available, measure the height of the visible glass. This will be your length. Then remove and weigh your window sash on a bathroom scale and select your appropriate weight range. Please note that balance stamps that end in "90" are custom tensioned for exact weights and do not have a range listed, the weight for these will be listed next to the stamp. Stamps denoted with "DS" are double spring balances and are tensioned for exact weights. These measurements are crucial to the performance of the balance.
  • Weight capacities are listed per pair of balances in pounds.

To learn more about our Series 400 Block & Tackle Balances watch the video below:

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