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Alum-a-Lub All Purpose Lubricating Cleaner - 3 in 1 Lubricant Degreaser Cleaner Spray - Anti-Rust Garage Door Lubricant Spray for Metal Parts, Doors, Windows, Springs, Locks & More - 9.4 Oz.

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🦾 Lubricating Cleaner: Regular lubrication is key to a machine's longevity and efficiency. Given that our ALUM-A-LUB multipurpose lubricant cleaner is your ideal option; it will keep your gear running smoothly by eliminating unnecessary friction, rust and corrosion.


⚙️ Renew old Equipment: With ideal blend friction-reducing and cleaning ingredients, our 3 in one garage door lube spray penetrates deep into nooks and crannies to clean out years of built-up grime and dust, bringing even the most neglected pieces of machinery back to life.


✔️ Safe Formula: Avoid those toxic petroleum and harsh chemicals with unpleasant odors, try this plant-based, non-toxic degreaser cleaner spray instead, which has a pleasant banana scent. It cleans, coats and protects the metal parts from corrosion, leaving no sticky residue.


🗜️ All Purpose Cleaner: Our spray lubricant for metal parts is great for a wide variety of residential and industrial uses, including fixing squeaky doors and metal windows, lubricating garage door hinges, removing rust from multiple pieces of machinery, and much more.


👌 Easy to Use: Forget about annoying squeaks in your windows and doors; this 3 in 1 lubricant comes in a 9.4 oz. spray for your convenience and efficiency. Apply ample amount of spray lubricant exactly where you need it, with no wastage or spills.



Maintenance is required for machinery and equipment to keep them in working order, extend their useful lives, and prevent breakdowns or costly repairs. Whether you're cleaning metal or plastic components, or lubricating stubborn nuts and bolts, our all-purpose lubricant cleaner will help keep your gear running smoothly.


  • The multipurpose door lubricant works in three ways: it cleans, lubricates, and protects your new and old machinery from the damaging effects of grime and buildup.
  • This anti-rust spray for metal will fix any problem, from squeaky doors to stubborn windows. As the garage door lubricant spray flows, it reduces friction by absorbing some of the heat generated by the moving parts.
  • The corrosion remover spray will create a waterproof barrier between the machine and the outside, stopping dirt and debris from spreading. In addition, our bicycle chain lubricant will provide a protective layer over metal parts, preventing rust and corrosion.



Alum-a-Lube spray lubricant is not just for keeping brand-new equipment in pristine shape; it works just as well on wheels, springs, sliding doors, bike chains, brake grease, camping gear, lawnmowers, tools, parts, mechanics, and, more. This 3-in-1 lubricant benefits a wide variety of other industries, including those dealing with sporting goods, garage doors, hospitals, automobiles, building supplies, and machine shops,



  • Scent: Banana
  • Amount: 9.4 Ounces of Spray



Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if the door squeak spray lubricant isn't performing to your expectations.