WRS .650" Q-Lon Door Seal/Weatherstripping with Kerf Mount - White, Bronze or Black

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  • The .650" Q-Lon Door Seal/Weatherstripping with a Kerf Mount is a high-quality and effective solution for sealing and weatherproofing doors. Designed with precision and durability in mind, this weatherstripping features a unique Q-Lon material that offers superior performance and longevity. With a thickness of .650 inches, this door seal provides a substantial barrier against drafts, noise, dust, and moisture infiltration. Its thick profile ensures a tight seal when the door is closed, helping to maintain a comfortable and energy-efficient environment within the space.

    The Q-Lon material used in this weatherstripping is known for its exceptional resilience and longevity. It is resistant to compression set, meaning it won't lose its shape or effectiveness over time. This ensures that the door seal remains highly efficient and retains its insulating properties even with frequent use. The Kerf Mount design adds to the ease of installation and ensures a secure fit. The weatherstripping is specifically designed to fit into a kerf slot, which is a groove or channel cut into the door frame. This allows for a seamless integration with the door, providing a clean and unobtrusive appearance.

    In addition to its functional benefits, the .650" Q-Lon Door Seal/Weatherstripping with a Kerf Mount is available in various lengths and finishes to suit different door types and aesthetic preferences. It can be easily trimmed or cut to fit the exact dimensions of your door, ensuring a customized and professional-looking installation.

    Overall, the .650" Q-Lon Door Seal/Weatherstripping with a Kerf Mount offers a reliable and efficient solution for sealing and weatherproofing doors. Its durable construction, superior sealing capabilities, and easy installation make it an excellent choice for both residential and commercial applications. Q-Lon Door Seals available in a White, Bronze or Black finish. Sold in 26 Ft Rolls. 26 Ft Rolls of Each Color Sold Individually.

    • Q-Lon Door Seal/Weatherstripping with Kerf Mount
    • Available in White, Bronze or Black (Sold Separately)
    • Sold in 26 Ft Lengths
    • 26 Ft Rolls of Door Seal Sold Individually
    • See Product Images for Dimensions

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