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Marvin Windows Balance Shoe Replacement

Marvin Windows Balance Shoe Replacement

Do you have a Marvin Window that tilts?  The shoes on this window can break or degrade over time.  But this isn't just an ordinary balance shoe.  This has to be the weirdest shoe we've seen in a long time.  Look at the back of this thing, its in a triangle-ish form to ride in the Marvin Jambliner.  Marvin window shoe
Luckily this item isn't too bad to replace and wont break the bank either. Check it out here.   Marvin Windows, is one of the leading window and door manufactures in the USA.  So when something goes wrong with your windows, just remember fixing windows is like fixing your car, just because one thing goes wrong doesn't mean you replace the whole car.  Find more Marvin windows on our WHD site along with technical window repair information!  
Marvin Window Balance Shoe
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