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Rigid Glazing for Window Repair

Rigid Glazing for Window Repair

You ever have a window where the little plastic piece around the glass snapped off, or was just completely gone?  Yeah, those things are super difficult to match up and find a replacement.  But, not all hope is lost in finding rigid glazing or weatherstripping.  This stuff comes in a variety of colors and many sizes. 

  • One is listed here.  

black rigid glazing


Most of the Rigid glazing can be popped in and out gently with a flat head screwdriver.  This can also be cut to length.  Since this item has so many different options and sizes, we have a limited amount online.  Call us and we can help figure exactly what you have.  

white rigid glazing

We can supply contractors or facilities for your repair needs of glass.  

glass rigid glazing

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