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Windows, Screens and Bears oh My!

Windows, Screens and Bears oh My!

Just kidding, there aren't bears.  Only the calling of summer nights and open windows letting in fresh air...and fresh bugs. Keep your house fresh, and naturally cooling that awesome crib of yours by opening your windows...but with great power, comes great responsibility. Check your window screens!  Are they full of holes? Stuffed in the basement taking cover from that nasty winter? or have they pulled a David Copperfield Vanishing the Statue of Liberty, and just vanished completely? (That jacket)

david copperfield vanish statue of liberty


Add screens to your spring cleaning list. Either add them to install or simply re-screen them.  This is also something important when selling a house, keep in mind that inspectors will probably make note of the window screens during their walk through.  


Screen Accessories can be found here.  Or if you need to re-screen those existing screens, get this awesome screen kit!



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