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Truth Hardware Bronze Secondary Patio Door Lock

SKU 014-53-03
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If you're looking for a reliable and secure locking mechanism for your patio doors, look no further than the TRUTH Hardware Secondary Patio Door Lock. This high-quality lock is designed to provide an additional level of protection and peace of mind for your home or business.

Crafted with durability and longevity in mind, the TRUTH Hardware Secondary Patio Door Lock is made from sturdy materials that can withstand wear and tear. Its simple and easy-to-use design makes it an excellent choice for homeowners and property managers alike.

This secondary lock is also a great option for those who prioritize safety and security. With its tough construction and reliable functionality, it can help keep unwanted intruders out and keep your property safe and secure.

Whether you're renovating your home or looking to enhance the security of your business, the TRUTH Hardware Secondary Patio Door Lock is an excellent choice. With its quality craftsmanship, ease of use, and dependable performance, this lock is sure to exceed your expectations and provide peace of mind for years to come.

  • Spring-loaded and foot-operated, this sturdy device easily engages to provide a more secure door and easily releases to provide a ready means of escape. In fact, this patio door limiter has been tested to withstand a forced entry attempt of 400 lbs. of force.
  • Mounts to bottom rail of sliding door and engages in sill, or into the face of the stationary door.
  • Acetal body, release lever and button. Cold-rolled steel bolt.
  • For use with this keeper 
  • See Product Images for Dimensions

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