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WRS 9" Left or Right Hand Single Arm Casement Operator and Handle Set - White

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A single arm casement operator is a device designed for opening and closing casement windows. Single arm casement operators are commonly used in residential and commercial buildings where casement windows are installed. It is a mechanism consisting of a single arm that is attached to the window sash and connected to a handle or crank. This operator is typically mounted on the side of the window frame. When the handle or crank is turned, the arm of the casement operator swings outward or inward, depending on the desired direction of window movement. As the arm moves, it transfers the rotational force to the window sash, causing it to open or close. The single arm casement operator offers several advantages. It provides smooth and controlled operation, allowing users to easily adjust the window opening to their preferred position. The design also enables effective sealing when the window is closed, ensuring energy efficiency and reducing drafts. Additionally, this type of casement operator offers improved security as it incorporates a locking mechanism. When the window is closed, the operator engages with a strike plate on the window frame, securely holding the sash in place and preventing unauthorized access from the outside. This operator features a White finish and Measures 9" in Arm Length. Operators Sold Individually. Operator Tracks and Hardware Not Included.

  • White Finish
  • Arm Length: 9"
  • Left and Right Hand Operators Sold Separately
  • Operator Tracks and Hardware Not Included
  • See Product Images for further Dimensions