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WRS Black Jamb Vinyl - 6 Ft Stick

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The Black Jamb Vinyl is expertly constructed using high-quality materials, ensuring its resilience against various environmental factors such as moisture, sunlight, and temperature changes. This durability makes it suitable for both interior and exterior applications, providing long-lasting protection for your windows and doors.

With its sleek black finish, this jamb effortlessly complements a wide range of architectural styles, adding a touch of sophistication to any space. Whether you have a modern, minimalist design or a traditional, classic look, the Black Jamb Vinyl seamlessly integrates into your existing decor, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Not only does the Black Jamb Vinyl contribute to the visual appeal of your windows and doors, but it also offers exceptional functionality. Its precise dimensions and smooth surface allow for effortless operation, ensuring seamless opening and closing of windows and doors. The vinyl material also acts as an effective barrier against drafts, reducing energy loss and enhancing the insulation properties of your home or office.

Installing the Black Jamb Vinyl is a hassle-free process, thanks to its lightweight construction and user-friendly design. It can be easily cut to size and fitted securely around your windows and doors, providing a snug and tight seal. The low maintenance requirements of this vinyl jamb make it an ideal choice for busy individuals who desire a long-lasting and hassle-free solution.

Upgrade your windows and doors with the Black Jamb Vinyl and experience the perfect combination of style, durability, and functionality. Its sleek black appearance, along with its exceptional performance, makes it an excellent choice for any residential or commercial setting. Enjoy the benefits of enhanced aesthetics, improved energy efficiency, and long-lasting protection with this high-quality vinyl jamb. Jamb Vinyl Priced and Sold per 6 Ft Stick, 6 Ft Sticks of Jamb Vinyl Sold Individually. Accessories and Hardware Not Included.

  • Black Jamb Vinyl
  • Priced & Sold per 6 Ft Stick
  • 6 Ft Sticks of Jamb Vinyl Sold Individually
  • Accessories and Hardware Not Included
  • See Product Images for Dimensions and to Match Vinyl Profile