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WRS Carrier/Shoe for Spiral Balances - White

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A spiral balance shoe is a type of hardware commonly used in the construction of modern windows. It is designed to facilitate the smooth and controlled movement of the window sash along its track. The spiral balance shoe is typically located at the bottom of the window sash and is connected to the spiral balance rod, which in turn is attached to the window frame. The shoe itself is typically made of plastic and has a spiral-shaped groove that runs along its length. This groove is designed to accept the spiral balance rod and hold it securely in place. The spiral balance rod, which is usually made of steel, has a spiral-shaped spring that provides the tension necessary to keep the window sash in place and prevent it from sliding down on its own. The spiral balance shoe and rod work together to provide a smooth and consistent movement of the window sash, making it easy to open and close the window with minimal effort. The spiral balance shoe is an essential component in the overall function and durability of modern windows, and its design and construction play a significant role in ensuring the smooth operation of the window for many years to come. This Spiral Balance Shoe is compatible with our Caldwell Series 50 Spiral Window Balances for Tilt Window Applications. Spiral Balance Carrier/Shoes Sold Individually, Spiral Balance and Hardware Not Included.