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WRS Truth Left Hand Ellipse 9-1/2" Single Arm Operator - Gold

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An ellipse single arm operator is a type of window hardware used to operate a casement window. It consists of a single arm that is attached to the bottom of the window sash and rotates around a central pivot point to open or close the window. The ellipse shape of the operator's arm allows it to provide a smooth and efficient operation with minimal effort, making it ideal for use in windows of various sizes and weights. The arm is made of durable materials such as aluminum or steel, and is attached to the sash with screws or rivets for added stability. To operate the window, the operator arm is turned either clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on whether the user wants to open or close the window. The arm is typically operated by a handle located at the bottom of the window frame, which is used to turn the arm and move the sash. Overall, an ellipse single arm operator is a reliable and easy-to-use window hardware option that provides smooth and efficient operation for casement windows. This operator features a Gold finish and is for Left Hand applications. Left Hand Operators Sold Individually. Right Hand Operator, Operator Tracks, Handles and Hardware Not Included.