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WRS Winterseal White Rigid Glazing Bead - 6 Ft Stick

SKU 019-212WH
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The Winterseal White Rigid Glazing Bead is a versatile and essential component designed to provide a secure and professional finish for windows and doors. Crafted with precision, this glazing bead is specifically engineered to withstand the harsh conditions of winter while enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of any architectural project.

Constructed from high-quality, durable materials, the Winterseal White Rigid Glazing Bead offers exceptional resistance to temperature fluctuations, moisture, and UV rays, ensuring long-lasting performance and protection. Its rigid composition guarantees stability and strength, maintaining a snug fit and preventing any potential gaps or leaks that could compromise insulation or security.

The white color of the glazing bead adds a clean and contemporary touch to windows and doors, complementing various interior and exterior design styles. Its smooth and sleek surface not only enhances the visual appeal but also facilitates easy cleaning and maintenance.

Installation of the Winterseal White Rigid Glazing Bead is straightforward and hassle-free, thanks to its precise dimensions and user-friendly design. The bead's versatile profile fits a wide range of window and door frames, providing a seamless integration that enhances the overall integrity of the installation.

With its excellent performance, durability, and aesthetic appeal, the Winterseal White Rigid Glazing Bead is an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications. Whether you're renovating, upgrading, or building from scratch, this glazing bead ensures optimal functionality, energy efficiency, and a polished appearance that lasts for years to come. White Rigid Glazing Beads Priced & Sold per 6 Ft Stick, 6 Ft Sticks of Glazing Sold Individually. Accessories and Hardware Not Included.

  • White Finish
  • Compatible with Winterseal Window Applications
  • Glazing Beads Priced & Sold per 6 Ft Stick
  • 6 Ft Sticks of Glazing Sold Individually, Accessories and Hardware Not Included
  • See Product Images for Dimensions and to Match Glazing Profile