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Apex Extended Block and Tackle and Standard Block and Tackle Balances, Whats the Difference?

Apex Extended Block and Tackle and Standard Block and Tackle Balances, Whats the Difference?

Block and Tackle window balances are one the most popular and widely found window balance in most residential windows.  But sometimes, there are small, but very important differences that can literally make or 'break' the balance.  


What is an Extended travel block and tackle?  Also known Apex balances.  

Simply, the extended travel has a longer travel and will have a longer string.  These balances can hold heavier windows, and are sometimes found in commercial style windows.  Here is the exact definition from our manufacturer, Caldwell Manufacturing:

APEX™ balances are a block and tackle balance with extended travel for side load applications. The balance is designed to handle sash weights of up to 53lbs. per pair. This balance features extended travel, a parked mounting hook and an elongated bottom guide for application flexibility in PVC designs. The parked mounting hook speeds installation and convenience. The extended travel feature can be utilized to either increase the potential sash opening for egress requirements, or reduce balance inventory by eliminating every other inch balance length."

Apex window balance


Standard Block and Tackle Window Balances

Standard Block and Tackle balances look almost identical, except they wont have a longer string and the clip is in a slightly different position at the bottom of the balance.  If you buy one of these (our Series 300), and you need the Apex or Extended Travel balance you will break the string.  It wont be long enough and will over extend the balance, snapping the string.  


Great, but what does the difference in the two styles look like? See here:

Apex Window Balances

If you have questions about which you need, please reach out to us.  The last thing we want is you buying the wrong balance and having it break immediately if you ordered the wrong one.  Happy installing!

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