Fixing Stripped Casement Window Crank Hardware

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For a casement window, the operator is how the window opens and closes.  The handles can easily be stripped and will make the window inoperable.  Typically these handles strip over time and can be replaced relatively easy.  You may have seen the brands Truth Hardware or Amesbury hardware on your windows. 


Typically, when you try to open or close your casement window and it starts to slip or pop, this is a sign that the handle is starting to strip.  Over time, if the issue isn't handled, it will completely strip the inside of that handle, and will no longer open or close the window.  Usually there is a reason the window becomes harder to close or open.  Heres a couple possible reasons:

- You may be in a coastal are and salt can play a role in corrosion.

- The window may have come out of plum and is difficult to get in or out of the jamb pocket.

- The hinges have sagged and need to be re-aligned to make the sash square again.


These issues can be solved by inspecting the window for the issues listed above.  Lots of times it can be as easy as spraying it with some lubricant that helps prevent corrosion.  2Slick or Alu-A-Lub are products we have used and recommend.  If its a bigger issue, contact a local contractor and they should help.  


The Truth window crank handles come in many colors and finishes.  You'll want to match as close as you can when searching for a replacement.  Also, youll want to try to match the spline diameter.  A typical size is 11/32.  Truth has many styles, but here is a popular one.  

install this is pretty straight forward.  usually there is a set screw around the spline area.  Pop the old one off, if it hasnt already fallen off, and slide the new one on.  

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