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How to measure and replace window tilt latches

How To Measure Window Tilt Latches

Window tilt latches are found along the top rail of the sash and allow you to secure your tilt window in the upright position. Tilt latch can be a surface mount or internal. To find the correct replacement tilt latches, you will need to measure your current tilt latch. In the article we will discuss how to find replacement for two common types of tilt latches, surface mounted and slide in style tilt latches.

Identify the Type:

To begin, you will need to identify what type of tilt latch you have. If your tilt latch is mounted to the top rail of your sash using screws, then you have a surface mounted tilt latch. If your tilt latch fits into a track and there are no visible attachment points, you have a slide in style or internal tilt latch. In this guide, we will discuss surface mounted and slide in style tilt latches. Internal tilt latches are often brand specific. If you have an internal tilt latch that you need identified, you can view our article on how to submit parts for our team of experts to identify

Window Tilt Latches
Window Tilt Latches - Back

Here you can see a side-by-side comparison of surface mounted (top in both) and slide in style tilt latches (bottom in both)

Determine Body/Housing Dimensions:

One of the first steps in determining the correct replacement tilt latch is to get the length and width of the housing or body of the tilt latch. When measuring the body, do not include the nose in your measurement. For slide in style tilt latches, you may want to remove the tilt latch from the track. For most, they simply slide out. 

Tilt Latch Measuring

How to measure surface mounted tilt latches length (top) and width (below)

Tilt Latch Measuring - Width

How to measure slide in style tilt latches length (top) and width (below)

Determine the Hole Dimensions:

Next, you will need to measure the distance between the mounting holes. Generally, this applies only to surface mounted tilt latches. When measuring, measure from the center of one hole to the center of the other, this is how the measurements in our parts diagrams are displayed. This measurement is one of the most important. This will ensure that your replacement tilt latch matches with the existing holes already drilled into your sash.

Tilt Latch Hole Dimension

Here you can see the center hole to center hole dimension. This tilt latch measures approximately 2-7/16"

Determine the Thickness:

Next, you will want to measure the thickness of your tilt latch. This is mostly for the slide in style tilt latches as they have to fit into a track along the top rail of the sash. The thickness for surface mounted tilt latches is not important as they sit on top of the rail.

Measure the Nose:

Next, you will want to measure the nose of the tilt latch. This measurement will tell you if the nose of the tilt latch is long enough to catch on the inside of the jamb and keep your tilt window locked in the upright position. 

Tilt Latch Nose measurement

Here you can see how to measure the nose/tip of the tilt latch. Both of these tilt latches have tips that measure 3/8"


These are some of the basic measurements for measuring surface mounted and slide in style tilt latches. If you cannot find your tilt latch or have an internal tilt latch, chat with us, contact us, or give us a call at 1-800-842-0974 to discuss your options with a window repair expert.

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