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Series 300 Top Guide Options

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The Top Guide for Block and Tackle Window Balance, available in both Non-Winged and Winged designs, is a pivotal component in the operation of double-hung windows. Positioned at the upper section of the window frame, this guide ensures the smooth movement of the window sash along its vertical track.

Crafted from durable materials like nylon, plastic, or metal, the Top Guide is engineered to endure frequent use and environmental elements. Its precise construction minimizes friction, facilitating effortless opening and closing of the window.

The Non-Winged design offers a sleek, minimalist appearance, while the Winged option provides additional support and stability with protrusions resembling wings. Regardless of the design choice, both options are easy to install, making them ideal for new installations or retrofitting existing window systems.

From enhancing functionality to prolonging the lifespan of double-hung windows, the Top Guide for Block and Tackle Window Balance is an essential component that ensures smooth and reliable operation.