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Series 55 Clip Mount Non Tilt Spiral Window Balance

Series 55 Clip Mount Non Tilt Spiral Window Balance

The Series 55 spiral window balance is a 3/8" diameter balance designed for non-tilt applications. This balance functions similar to our Series 40 non-tilt spiral window balance. However, instead of mounting to the sash using a bracket, there is a small clip attached to the spiral rod of the balance. This small clip attaches to a lip on the bottom of the sash. Below you can find some pictures of the clip that is attached to this balance. One thing to note about the clip itself, older style clips are divided down the middle where as the new clips are not. The new clips function exactly the same as the old style clip.

Clip Mount Spiral Window Balance55 Series Clip Mount Spiral Balance

The Series 55 Clip Mount Spiral Balance is not available online. To order this balance, please contact uschat with us, or give us a call at 1-800-842-0974 and one of our representatives will assist you!

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