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How to remove pivot lock shoe

How To Remove Pivot Lock Shoes From Tilt Windows

This post will go over how to remove a pivot lock shoe from a tilt window. In our example, our shoe has a coil spring balance attached, but the process works for tilt spiral balances, tilt block and tackle balances, and any other pivot lock shoe. Continue reading to learn how.


The first step to remove your pivot lock shoe is to remove the sash from the window. To do so, raise your sash a few inches, then tilt the sash inwards. Next, you're going to hold one side of the sash in place while pulling up on the other. This will free the sash from the window. 


Next, you have to remove the balance system. The process will differ for each type of balance system, so refer to that guide when removing the balance. For coil spring balances, the process would be similar to removing the shoe itself.

To remove tilt spiral balances

Premade Cut-out

Many times, the window will already have a cut out at the top of the jamb to remove the shoe. The cutout is often hidden by sash stops. Remove the sash stop to expose the cut-out. Next, slide your shoe up to the cut-out and then take a flat head screwdriver or some other flat object under the shoe. Then you're going to pry the shoe out of the cutout. It may take a bit of force to get it to pop out.

No Cut-out

If your window does not have a cut-out, you will have to make one yourself. The process is pretty straight forward and simple to do. Watch the video below for a demonstration:

Once the shoe is removed, you're ready to install your new shoe! Just reverse the process to install your new shoe.

If you have questions about removing your shoe, need parts for your window identified, or if you have any other questions, give us a call at 1-800-842-0974chat with us, or contact us to talk to a window repair expert today!

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