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96 Series Screw-In Constant Force Balance Assembly & Installation

96 Series Screw-In Constant Force Balance Assembly & Installation

PLEASE NOTE: These instructions work with Single, Tandem or Triple Screw-In Constant Force Balances. Can be used for multiple different Constant Force Balance Series.

Assembly Instructions:

 Step 1: Line up the coil (or multiple coils depending on the application) to the screw hole in the side of the pivot lock shoe. You may need to gently bend the coil out so it will stay aligned.

Step 2: Once the coil holes are lined up with the hole on the pivot lock shoe, slip the screw in the hole to hold the coils in place. 

Step 3: Put the balance drum over the center post of the balance cover.


Step 4: Slip the coil around the balance drum to hold the balance cover in place (NOTE: Your screw should be more secure than the one shown, ours is loose only for demonstration photo).


Installation Instructions:

Step 5: Get a flathead screwdriver, insert into metal cam after putting the balance back into its original slot in the window, pull down 6 to 8 inches, then turn the metal cam to lock. Repeat steps 1-5 for both balances on both sides of the window before reinstalling the sash.

(NOTE: in order to keep from having to replace your pivot bar, you need to keep the old metal cam from your original pivot lock shoe and insert into the new one, as the new metal cams are more narrow than the original).

Step 6: Hold the sash at an angle towards you, maneuver the left and right sides one at a time to get the pivot bars back into the cam of the pivot lock shoe. Make sure that the sash is level before tilting inward and snapping the sash back into place, then gently lower and close the sash.

Step 7:
Carefully test your balances by slowly lowering and raising the sash a few times to make sure it has smooth function and then lock your sash.



If you encounter any issues or if the window does not operate correctly, feel free to contact the WHD Team! Our team of experts will be more than happy to assist you.

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