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Window Pivot Bars

Window Pivot Bars

Window pivot bars are an important component of tilt windows. Pivot bars are located along the bottom of the sash and are what allows the window to tilt outwards. Continue reading to learn more about how window pivot bars function, and how to select the correct replacement.
Window Pivot Bars
When the window is lifted a few inches and then is tilted outwards, the pivot bar engages a cam in the pivot lock shoe which then locks the shoe into the window jamb. This is when many pivot bars are broken, most commonly because the window isn't lifted far enough up and the cam in the shoe cannot rotate, which causes the pivot bars to snap.
Broken Pivot Bar
A broken pivot submitted by a customer
When your pivot bar needs to be replaced, finding the correct one can be a challenge. There are dozens of options to choose from, some with only very subtle differences. What you need to do is take a pivot bar that is the same, but not broken (from the other side of the sash, or another window that is the same) and compare it to your available options. You're going to need the length of the bar, the center hole to center hole dimensions (if applicable), the thickness, and you're going to need to verify that it fits correctly into the cam on your pivot lock shoe. If you are still having trouble you can always contact us, chat with us, or give us a call at 1-800-842-0974 and we will be happy to help identify the pivot bar you have.
Watch the video below for more info on window pivot bars:
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