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Window Repair Questions and Answers Ep. 2 - SPRING IS HERE!

Window Repair Questions and Answers Ep. 2 - SPRING IS HERE!

Today's Question and Answer session is all about spring! It is often recommended that you clean and inspect your windows at least twice a year. And Spring is the perfect time of year to do some basic window maintenance and gear up for any window repair projects you might have. 

Windows in Spring

Window Jambs and Tracts

A common springtime issue is dirty window jambs and tracks. Since your windows have probably been closed all winter, dirt, dust, and grime may have accumulated in the jamb and track. To remedy this, you simply need to clean and lubricate the jamb. Use a lubricating cleaner that has been designed for your window material. For aluminum and vinyl window, Alum-a-lub is the perfect product. For wood windows, simple soap and water will do the trick for cleaning, and any silicone-based lubricant will work. We do not recommend using WD-40 or similar lubricants as they will gum up and make the problem worse over time. 

Drifting or Falling Window Sash

One of the most common issues is a drifting or falling window sash. When we say "drifting sash" what we mean is simply that the window sash (the moveable part of the window) will not stay up. It can sometimes be minor, very slowly sinking downward, or the sash may not stay up at all. The most likely cause of the problem is broken window balances. Window balances are what supports the weight of the window and allows you to easily move the sash up and down. To learn more about window balances, you can view our other blog posts here.


Window weatherstripping is one area in windows that often goes overlooked. Overtime the weatherstripping can become brittle and cracked causing the window to no longer be sealed properly. Inspect the weatherstripping around the edges of your window sash and in the jamb. If it is cracking or damaged in any way, simply replace weatherstripping with a compatible replacement. 

Locks and Keepers

Window locks and keepers are another part of your window that you should check. Make sure that when you lock your windows, they lock securely and that your sashes are fully close to prevent air infiltration and maintain energy efficiency. Often times in double-hung windows, the upper sash and slide down slightly allowing air in and increasing heating and cooling cost. 

Watch Mike Fox and Brian Fox discuss some of the things to look for when examining your windows and steps to take in keeping them functioning properly during your spring cleaning ritual!

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