Caldwell Series 150 Spirex 5/8" Heavy Duty Non Tilt Spiral Window Balance

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  • The 150 Series is a heavy-duty spiral window balance for non-tilt/sideload window applications. This balance is designed for residential and commercial window applications. These balances feature a 5/8" diameter tube and lengths ranging from 17" to 66". The weight range for this balance series is 30-40lbs.

    To Select the Correct Non-Tilt Spiral Window Balance:

    • First, measure the length of the metal tube. Measure the metal tube only, do not include the colored coupling or spiral rod. That is your balance length. Check out our guide on measuring spiral window balances for more info on how to measure your balances properly.
    • Next, take a look at the color of the coupling on the tip of your balance. For the 150 series, the coupling color will be black. If you don't see a coupling or are unsure of your sash weight, remove the sash from your window and confirm the weight is between 30lbs and 40lbs.
    • These measurements are crucial to the performance of the balance. If your balance does not measure an exact length, or if you have an attachment on your spiral rod, contact us before you place your order.
    • Does not include balance brackets.

    Additional Information:

    • Balances are sold individually.
    • The information is based on two balances per sash with no weatherstrip friction considered.
    • AAMA Class 2 Verified Component.
    • Weight capacities are listed per pair of balances in pounds.
    • For optimal performance, we recommend replacing both balances at the same time.
    • Select your options to see the final price.
    • Don't have your balance in hand? Check out our blog on determining balance length without having the balance.


    View our guide on installing non-tilt spiral window balances.

    Requires use of Spirex and Spiro-Mite Tensioning Tool

    To learn more about our Series 150 Spiral Window Balances watch the videos below:

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