Caldwell Series 600 Ultra Lift Hybrid Balance

The Caldwell 600 series or Ultra Lift is a hybrid balance for both tilt or non-tilt applications. These Balances are ordered base on stamp or sash length and weight. When properly installed the 600 series will lift 70% of the sash weight, making the Ultra Lift a class 5 balance. Getting precise measurements is crucial because each balance is custom made and tensioned to fit a given sash length and weight. When determining length only measure tube the itself. It comes in a gray tube and is the optimal balance for your heavier windows—Residential or Commercial. The balances achieve their exceptional performance by combining the best quality of torsion spring, extension spring and spiral rod technology. The balance is 0.670" diameter. Please note: these balances are custom made to fit specific window lengths and weights, as such, there is a lead time of 4-6 weeks on out of stock Series 600 Balances.

To learn more about out Series 600 Ultra Lift Balance watch the video below: