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WRS Truth Hardware 28" Support Arm with Combination Brackets - .422" and .235" Brackets

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Friction adjustors are used either as a Limit Device or for additional friction in conjunction with certain types of hinging on projected windows. By tightening the screw in the sliding brass shoe, a homeowner can easily adjust the tension required to open and close the window. When used as a Limit Device, the hardware is designed to restrict the opening on projected or casement windows. This mechanism automatically stops the vent at a safety position as required by the user or required by law. For cleaning and ease of window assembly, a key may be used to release the window to its maximum opening. This Limit Device measures 28" fully extended and is special because it comes with combination brackets. The top bracket is .422" and the bottom bracket is .235". No Longer Available after stock is Gone.

  • No Longer Available After Stock is Gone
  • 28" Support Arm (Limit Device)
  • Combination Brackets; .422" Top Bracket, .235" Bottom Bracket
  • Compatible with Casement or Projection Windows
  • See Product Images for further Dimensions