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WRS Series 37 QuickTilt Coil Spring Window Balance

SKU 01-37-09
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$5.35 - $17.76
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Introducing the Quicktilt Spring Window Balance - the perfect solution for your coil balance window repair needs! This innovative coil window balance ensures that your windows stay in top shape by providing a constant force to keep them functioning smoothly.

The Quicktilt Spring Window Balance is easy to install and perfect for DIY enthusiasts who want to take window repair into their own hands. It's designed to fit most types of windows, so you can be confident that it will work with your home's existing windows.

Say goodbye to the frustration of dealing with windows that won't stay open or closed. With the Quicktilt Spring Window Balance, you'll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your windows are working the way they should.

The 37 Series is a standard coil spring window balance. This balance is designed for residential window applications. These balances feature a 17/32" coil spring in single, tandem, or triple case applications. These balance weights are evenly divided. For example, if your sash weighs 14lbs, you would need one 7lb balance on each side of your sash.


  • First, determine the weight of the balances you need by weighing the sash or looking at the stamp on the balance. The stamp will be a number printed onto the plastic housing. This number will be your balance weight.
  • These balances are sold as a complete system including the coils and pivot lock shoe. These are based on the weight of your sash obtained in the first step.
  • If you need assistance with configuring your coil spring balance system, please contact us before you place your order!


  • Balances are sold individually unless otherwise noted
  • AAMA Class 3 Verified Component
  • Compatible with our WRS Series 37 Constant Force Tamper Lock - Black
  • For optimal performance, we recommend replacing both balances at the same time.
  • Select your options to see the final price
  • All Coil Housing Measures 1-9/32" Wide, Coils Measure 17/32" Thick