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WRS 1" Special Pan Am Top Guide - White

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A top guide is a small, yet crucial component used in non-tilt block and tackle window balances. This guide is made from durable, long-lasting plastic and is designed to keep the window sash moving smoothly along the track of the balance. This top guide is compatible with Pan Am window applications and can be used with Non-Tilt Block and Tackle Window Balances. The top guide is positioned at the top of the window frame and acts as a guide for the window sash as it moves up and down. It helps to prevent the sash from rubbing against the sides of the frame or becoming misaligned during operation. This, in turn, ensures that the window operates smoothly and effortlessly. Pan Am top guides are designed specifically for use with non-tilt block and tackle window balances. These types of balances are commonly found in double-hung windows and are operated by pulling on cords or chains that are attached to the sash. The top guide is an essential component in this system as it helps to keep the sash balanced and prevents it from tipping or becoming stuck. Overall, the Pan Am top guide is a reliable and durable component that plays a critical role in the proper operation of non-tilt block and tackle window balances. It is an important part of any window replacement or repair project and should be carefully chosen to ensure that it is compatible with the balance system being used. Top Guides Sold Individually. Bottom Guide, Window Balance and Hardware Not Included.