WRS Constant Force Balance Single Coils -1/2"

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  • Stainless steel spring for tilt windows, compatible with our 31 Series Constant Force Coil Spring Balances. It moderates the operation of your window sash using a specifically calibrated coil spring that allows the window to stay open when raised and remain shut when closed. Individually, the coil balance can hold the weight of your choice. This added together with the other coils to support the entire weight of the sash.  The weight you need should be indicated as a stamp/imprint on your old spring. This coil balance spring can work for either the left or right hand side of the window interchangeably. Coil balances are also known as Constant Force window balances. 

    • Durable, Stainless Steel Construction
    • Measures 1/2" Thick, Compatible with Tilt Windows
    • Compatible with many different Series Constant Force Coil Spring Balances
    • Stamped with Weight for Identification
    • Example: A 16 lb window sash with single (one coil) constant force balances will require two 8 lb coils, one for each side to equal the entire sash weight. A 16lb window sash with tandem (double coil) constant force balances will require four 4 lb coils, two for each side to equal the entire sash weight.

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