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WRS 4" x 6" Rescue Window Label - Yellow

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The Yellow 4" x 6" Rescue Window Label is an essential safety tool, designed to increase visibility and guide individuals during emergencies in both residential and commercial environments.

Featuring a vibrant yellow color, this 4" x 6" label immediately captures attention, even in low-light conditions. Yellow is universally recognized as a cautionary color, ensuring that it stands out and can be spotted from a distance.

The label prominently displays the words "Rescue Window" in clear and easily readable text, making its purpose crystal clear to all occupants and first responders.

Constructed from durable, weather-resistant materials, this label can withstand various environmental conditions, from rain and sun to snow, while remaining highly visible. Its strong adhesive backing ensures it remains securely in place.

Designed for easy application to windows and other smooth surfaces, this label is versatile and serves not only in residential and commercial buildings but also in schools, hospitals, hotels, and other public spaces where safety is a paramount concern.

Invest in the safety and security of your space with the Yellow 4" x 6" Rescue Window Label, a beacon of hope during emergencies, ensuring swift identification of the designated rescue window. Make safety a top priority by choosing this highly visible, weather-resistant label today. Rescue Window Labels sold individually, includes one Label per purchase. Other Accessories Not Included.

  • Window Label/Sticker for Rescue Windows
  • Durable, Yellow Finish
  • Measures 6" in Width
  • Rescue Window Labels Sold Individually, Includes One Label per Purchase
  • See Product Images for further Dimensions