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WRS Series 320 Extended Travel Apex Block & Tackle Balances - 29", 6-52 lbs

SKU 01-32028-1
Original price $14.09 - Original price $48.27
Original price
$14.09 - $48.27
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The Series 320 Apex Balance is an advanced and specialized component specifically engineered for windows. It plays a crucial role in architectural design and construction, ensuring the smooth and precise operation of windows.

One of its key advantages is customizability, allowing it to adapt to different window designs and sizes, making it suitable for a wide range of architectural projects, from residential to commercial buildings. In terms of safety, this balance system prevents sashes from slamming shut or falling unexpectedly, making it a valuable addition to homes, schools, and commercial structures.

The balance system also contributes to the energy efficiency of buildings by ensuring a tight seal when windows are closed. This feature helps maintain temperature control and reduce heating and cooling costs.

PLEASE NOTE: The Length of the Balance will ALWAYS be 1 Digit HIGHER than the Stamp or SKU Number (example: a balance with a SKU number of 01-3207-1 will be stamped 07-1 and measure 8" in length).

  • Sideload Extended Travel Block & Tackle Window Balances
  • Length: 29" (NOTE: Any Balance 20" Or Longer Will Have An Extra "Extreme Length" Shipping Fee Added at Checkout)
  • Weights Ranging From 6-52 lbs
  • Balances Sold Individually, Top and Bottom Balance Guides Come Pre-Assembled (Attached to the Balance)
  • Other Accessories and Hardware Not Included
  • For Assistance Selecting The Correct Balances, Contact Us Here!