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WRS Inverted Constant Force Series 975 Dual Support T-Lock Carrier

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The inverted constant force series 975 dual support T-Lock carrier is a type of window hardware designed for smooth and easy operation of windows. This carrier is specifically designed to provide reliable support to the sash of the window, while also ensuring a secure and tight seal when the window is closed. The carrier is called "inverted constant force" because it uses a unique spring mechanism that provides a constant force to the sash, even as it moves up and down in the frame. This mechanism ensures that the window operates smoothly and stays in place at any height, without the need for additional hardware or counterweights. The "dual support" design of this carrier means that it provides support from two points, rather than just one. This adds extra stability to the window, especially for larger or heavier sashes. The T-Lock mechanism refers to the locking mechanism used to secure the sash in place. This mechanism works by engaging a hook-shaped lock into a keeper on the window frame. The T-lock design provides a tight and secure seal, preventing drafts and reducing energy loss. Overall, the inverted constant force series 975 dual support T-Lock carrier is a reliable and efficient choice for windows, providing smooth operation, reliable support, and a secure seal. T-Lock Carriers Sold Individually. Constant Force Coil Springs and Hardware Not Included.

  • T-Lock Carriers Sold Individually
  • Includes Removable Weatherstripping Pieces
  • Compatible with our Universal Coil Spring - Single Coil
  • Constant Force Coil Springs and Hardware Not Included
  • See Product Images for Dimensions