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WRS Truth 1" Key for Keyed Limit Devices

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This key is used with keyed limit devices in window applications and is a specialized tool designed to control the opening and closing of a window or other sliding device. These keyed limit devices are commonly used in both residential and commercial settings to provide added security and prevent unauthorized entry. The key itself is a small metal device with a unique shape or pattern that matches the corresponding limit device. When inserted into the keyed limit device, the key allows the user to adjust the maximum opening distance of the window or sliding door, limiting the amount of access that can be gained through the opening. In addition to providing added security, keyed limit devices can also be used to control ventilation and maintain proper airflow in a building. This is especially useful in situations where opening a window too far could create a safety hazard, such as in high-rise buildings or areas with small children or pets. Limit Device Keys Sold Individually, Keyed Limit Device and Hardware Not Included.