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WRS Vent Arm with .250" Bracket - 8" Arm Length

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Introducing our versatile and durable 8" Metal Vent Arm with Brackets – the perfect solution to enhance ventilation and air circulation in any indoor space. Crafted with precision and designed for optimal performance, this vent arm offers a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Constructed from high-quality metal, this vent arm ensures sturdiness and longevity, making it a reliable addition to your windows for years to come. The 8" length strikes a balance between compactness and reach, allowing you to adjust the window opening to your desired level while maintaining a secure fit.

Included with the vent arm are specially designed brackets that facilitate easy installation. These brackets are engineered to securely hold the vent arm in place, ensuring stability and safety. The installation process is straightforward, making it a DIY-friendly project that requires minimal time and effort.

Whether in residential or commercial settings, the 8" Metal Vent Arm with Brackets excels at improving indoor air quality and creating a comfortable atmosphere. By allowing controlled airflow, it helps to regulate temperature and reduce stuffiness, ultimately contributing to a healthier and more enjoyable living or working environment.

In addition to its functional benefits, the vent arm's sleek and unobtrusive design complements various architectural styles and interior aesthetics. Its neutral metallic finish is designed to seamlessly integrate with different color schemes, ensuring that it doesn't disrupt the visual harmony of your space.

Upgrade your ventilation game with the reliability and elegance of the 8" Metal Vent Arm with Brackets. Experience the convenience of customizable airflow, the peace of mind of sturdy construction, and the satisfaction of a product that marries form and function effortlessly. No Longer Available After Stock is Gone. Vent Arms Sold Individually, Other Accessories and Hardware Not Included.

  • No Longer Available After Stock is Gone
  • Measures 8" in Arm Length
  • Vent Arms Sold Individually
  • Other Accessories and Hardware Not Included
  • See Product Images for further Dimensions