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WRS White Push-In Extruded Bulb Seal Weather Stripping - 24 Ft Roll

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Introducing our White Push-In Extruded Bulb Seal Weather Stripping - the perfect solution to your window weatherstripping needs! This high-quality weather stripping is designed to fit snugly in the gaps between your wood windows and the surrounding frame, creating a tight seal that will keep out drafts, moisture, and even insects.

Made from durable materials, this weather stripping features a bulb seal that compresses easily when the window is closed, providing a secure and effective barrier against the elements. The white finish is sleek and modern, making it a great choice for any home decor style.

Installation is a breeze - simply push the weather stripping into the gap around your window and trim any excess with a utility knife. The flexible design means it will conform to any irregularities in the window frame, ensuring a tight fit every time.

Don't let drafts and leaks drain your energy and increase your utility bills - invest in our White Push-In Extruded Bulb Seal Weather Stripping today and enjoy a more comfortable and efficient home!

  • High quality, UV stabilized TPE material offers excellent compression set resistance
  • Superior weatherability and chemical resistance
  • Low friction formulation / low closing forces
  • AAMA Rating
  • Easy to install
  • 24ft roll
  • Additional lengths available, please contact us or give us a call