WRS Constant Force Coil Spring Bushing Cap - White

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  • A constant force coil spring bushing cap is a small component used in windows to provide a smooth and consistent operation. It is typically made of a durable plastic material and is designed to fit onto the end of a coil spring. The coil spring itself is a component found in many window systems, and is responsible for counterbalancing the weight of the sash (the movable panel of the window) to ensure smooth and effortless operation. The constant force coil spring bushing cap serves as an endcap for the coil spring, preventing it from becoming dislodged and ensuring that it stays securely in place. The term "constant force" refers to the fact that the coil spring provides a consistent amount of force throughout the entire range of motion of the window. This ensures that the sash remains stable and balanced, and that it can be easily opened and closed with minimal effort. Overall, the constant force coil spring bushing cap is a small but important component that plays a crucial role in the smooth and reliable operation of modern window systems. Bushing Caps Sold Individually. Coil Spring/Constant Force Balances, Bushing and Hardware Not Included.

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