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Acorn Window Systems, Inc. OUT OF BUSINESS! Replacement Parts to Fix Those Old Windows

Acorn Window Systems was started in 1992 and closed its doors in 2001. 

When window manufacturers like this go out of business, customers and users are left trying to fix their windows and cant get replacement parts. 

Luckily, there are still some manufacturers making these parts.  Acorn Sweep locks,  tilt latches, rollers and other items can still be found, but you need to know where to look.  

acorn window systems

We have access to these items and manufacturers and have some listed on the site here.

Lots of times the same parts are used on many different windows, and we can match up the parts you have.  All you need to do is email us a picture and we can start researching from there. Contact the WHD Team Today! We look forward to assisting you.

Updated on 05 Jan 2024