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How to Replace a Front Mount Casement Window Operator and Track

In this article, we go over how to replace a front mount, single-arm operator and it's track in casement windows. The process is straight forward and simple. 

Step 1: Remove Original Operator

To begin, you first need to open the window about halfway so you have easy access to the arm and track. 

Next, you need to remove the screws on the front of the operator. Your operator may have a different number of screws, but just remove all of them so the operator is free from the frame of the window. 

Then, you can either slide the operator arm out of the track or if you need to replace the track, you can go ahead and do that. Simply remove the two screws securing it to the bottom of the sash and then slide you operator and track out of the slot on the front of the frame. 

That's it! Now you can take dimensions of your newly removed operator and select your correct replacement. 

Step 2: Take Dimensions for Replacement Operator

Now that you have your casement window operator and track removed, now is a good time to take the dimensions so you can select the proper replacements. 

The first thing you need to do is determine whether your operator is a left-hand or right-hand operator. The easiest way to do this is simply to look at what side the operator handle is on. If the handle is on the left side, it is a left-handed operator, if it is on the right, it is a right-handed operator (the one in this blog and video is a right-hand). 

Next, you'll need the hole to hole dimensions on the front of the operator. In our case, we would measure from the center of the outermost hole on the left side to the center of the outermost hole on the right side.

Center-hole to center-hole dimensions

In our case, we measured from the outermost hole on the left to the outermost on the right.

The last dimension you need for the operator itself is the arm length. For this, you need to measure from the center of the operator to the end of the arm. 

Casement Window Operator Arm Length

Measure from the center of the operator (where the gear is) to the end of the arm.

For the track, you will just need the overall length and the center-hole to center-hole dimensions. 

Measuring Casement window track

Step 3: Reinstall your New Casement Window Operator

Now that you have your new casement window operator, you can start installing it. 

The process for reinstalling the operator is the same as removing it.

First, you'll insert your new operator in the slot on the front of the frame and position it correctly. Then you screw in the front being sure not to tighten the screws too much. 

Next, if you are replacing the track, you'll attach it to the bottom of the sash and then slide the operator arm into the open end of the track. 

Finally, you'll reattach the handle if you removed it and tighten the set screw on the bottom of it. 


And that's it! You have now successfully removed and replaced your front mount, single-arm operator in a casement window!

Your window and operator may be different than what we have here, so if you have any questions or need help determining what you need, just contact uschat with us, or give us a call at 1-800-842-0974 and we'll be happy to help!

Watch the video below to see the process in action!

Updated on 04 Oct 2023