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How to Replace a Patio Door Roller

If you have a Patio door, its probably an import part of your room or house.  Sliding doors bring the outside in, lightens up the area, and gives a very easy option for entrance and exit with still being ascetically pleasing.  Rollers for patio doors will require some maintenance to keep them operating at their best.  NOT maintaining the rollers could lead to other issues, such as damaging the track, putting excessive pressure on the handles and making it unsafe for exiting the home or building in case of an emergency.  

Typically if the door does not roll smooth or relatively with ease, the patio door rollers probably need some attention.  We recommend cleaning the tracks with a vacuum and cleaners and then spraying the track with a lubricant such as 2Slick™️.  If this is done and there is still issues, the rollers would need to be replaced. 

Step 1:

First, if there is a screen you'll need to remove this from the opening.  Check the screen top and bottom, to make sure there isn't a stop securing it in place.  If there is unscrew it and proceed.  Next, take the screen, push up so it clears the bottom rollers and pull out.  

Step 2:

Next, check the glass panel and see if there is any top stop that may restrict the glass door from moving.  The process will be the same as removing the screen door.  There is typically a height setting screen at the bottom where the rollers are, check for that.  

Step 3:

Start by opening the glass door a couple inches, enough to get your fingers behind the glass to get a good grip on the frame.  Push up, like you did with the screen door so the bottom, where the rollers are, will clear the frame.  Remove the door and place horizontally on the ground so you have access to the rollers.

Step 4:  

Inspect the rollers and find the mounting screws, and remove.  Depending on what kind of patio door you have, whether its aluminum or vinyl you may have to perform slight variation to the removal.  Some times there is a corner screw holding the frame together, and you may need to remove that to manipulate the frame to slid the roller out.  Others simply just remove visible screws and replace with new roller.  

Step 5:

Next will be reinstalling the door.  After the new rollers are installed, stand the door back upright.  Now, the process of reinstalling will be the opposite to taking it out.  With help, grab the door, and gently insert the top of the door frame into the track, making sure it slides all the way in.  Slowly push the bottom of the door to clear the bottom track.  Place the door down on the track and check the rollers.  You may need to adjust the roller height with the adjustment screw.


Try sliding the door left and right.  If it doesn't slide smoothly, or if its uneven, adjust the appropriate roller and test again.  After it slides and is even, re install any safety stops. Slap in that screen door if you have one and this project is complete.  


Updated on 04 Oct 2023