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What is a Window Sash Cam and How to Install a Sash Cam

In this guide, we'll be going over what a window sash cam is, how to select the correct sash cam for your application, and how to remove and install a replacement sash cam.

What is a Sash Cam?

A sash cam is a small piece of plastic or metal that fits into the upper sides of the sash. The sash cam and sash then rest on the top guide of the window balance. The width of the sash cam needs to fit securely in the sash's tack so the sash slides up and down properly. The depth needs to be correct to allow the sash to sit properly on the top guide of the window balance. If you have your old sash cam, you can take measurements and compare them to your intended replacement or you can talk to one of our representatives to help you choose the correct one.

How to Replace Your Sash Cam

Replacing a sash cam is relatively simple.

First, you're going to remove your window sash, this will be different depending on the type of window you have, refer to your manufacturer's instructions.

Next, you're going to locate the sash cam at the top of the sash. Now all you do is simply unscrew and remove the old sash cam, align your new one correctly, and screw it back into place.

Once you replace your sash back into the window, test for functionality. For best performance, we recommend replacing both sash cams at the same time. 

Sash Cam Locations

In this picture above, you can see the location of the sash cams at the top of the moveable sash.

Sash Cam Location

Location of sash cam within the sash track


And that's it! Now you can replace your old or broken sash cams with new ones for optimal window performance. 

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 1-800-842-0974contact us, or chat with us directly using the chat icon on the bottom left of the website. 

Below you can watch Greg Fox discuss sash cams: 

Updated on 05 Oct 2023