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77 Series Single Coil Spring Balance Assembly & Installation

The 77 Series Single Coil Spring Balance System

The 77 Series Single Coil Spring Balance is a precision-engineered and reliable hardware component designed to facilitate the smooth operation of windows. This balance system is meticulously crafted to provide optimal counterbalance support, ensuring that windows can be effortlessly opened, closed, and maintained in any position.

Built with a focus on durability and performance, the 77 Series Single Coil Spring Balance is constructed using high-quality materials that guarantee longevity and consistent functionality. Its compact design allows for easy integration into various window types, whether they are sliding, single-hung, or double-hung windows.


The core of the balance system features a single coil spring mechanism, carefully calibrated to deliver consistent tension throughout the window's range of motion. This balanced tension mechanism offsets the weight of the window sash, enabling it to be easily lifted or lowered with minimal effort. This not only enhances user convenience but also contributes to the overall safety of the window operation.

Manufactured to meet industry standards and quality benchmarks, the 77 Series Single Coil Spring Balance is a trusted choice for both residential and commercial applications. Its reliable performance and robust construction make it an essential component for maintaining the functionality and ease of use of windows in various settings.

Installation of the 77 Series Single Coil Spring Balance is straightforward, thanks to its user-friendly design and clear instructions. The balance system can be seamlessly incorporated into the window frame, and its low-profile appearance ensures that it remains inconspicuous while effectively supporting the window's movement.

77 Series Single Coil Spring Balance Assembly Instructions:

NOTE: Please be sure that the sash is removed from the window before beginning installation.


Step 1:

Place the end of the coil spring into the slot on the right side of the pivot lock shoe (can also be used on the left side depending on your application).


Step 2:

Turn the coil spring to the right to lock the spring in place.


Step 3:

Place the cover between the pivot lock shoe and the coil spring, the coil spring itself should hold the cover in place.

Step 4:

Now that the coil spring balance is fully assembled, slide it into the window jamb and let it fall to the bottom (with cover facing outward, coil spring should not show from front).

Installation Instructions:

Step 5:

Put the screw through the hole on the front of the balance cover, and reinstall the balance where the original hole was screwed into the jamb.


Step 6:

Get a flat head screwdriver, insert into metal cam and pull down 6 to 8 inches, then turn the metal cam to lock. Repeat steps 1-6 for both balances on both sides of the window before reinstalling the sash. 


Step 7:

Hold the sash at an angle towards you, maneuver the left and right sides one at a time to get the pivot bars back into the cam of the pivot lock shoe. Make sure that the sash is level before tilting inward and snapping the sash back into place, then gently lower and close the sash.


Step 8:

Carefully test your balances by slowly lowering and raising the sash a few times to make sure it has smooth function and then lock your sash.



Whether you're looking to replace an existing window balance system or seeking a dependable solution for new window installations, the 77 Series Single Coil Spring Balance offers a combination of precision engineering, durability, and effortless operation, making it an indispensable part of any well-designed window system. If you’d like to order some 77 Series Single Coil Spring Balances or have further questions, contact the WHD Team! Our Window Experts will be more than happy to take care of you.

Updated on 04 Oct 2023